Culture & Cuisine Gift Package

Starts: October 1 @ 12:00PM     Ends: September 30 @ 12:00AM

Gift includes Museum Admission and Lunch or Sunday Brunch at the Brinton Bistro.

Give your college student the gift of culture and healthy fantastic food in one great package.


Culture & Cuisine Package, free admission plus bistro lunch or Sunday Brunch



Culture & Cuisine Package for two


Special Student Membership Offer

One-Year Student Membership to The Brinton Museum , reg. $30


We are very grateful to a Sheridan College student's mother for this wonderful idea to promote cultural experiences and healthy eating for kids away from home.

For delivery of this gift we will contact you via e-mail or phone after we receive notification of your purchase. Thank you!

Event Location

The Brinton Museum & The Brinton Bistro
PO Box 460
Big Horn, WY 82833

Can't Attend?

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